Cost competitiveness

Online video has the unique potential to combine a very low cost of contact and relational quality.

Cost competitiveness

Low prices and high quality

This summary the tour de force that allows a Brand Content strategy (brand content) intelligently designed and conducted.

Get a cost per contact potentially very low, and at the same time, have particularly positive impact and exposure quality. These are the goals that you can achieve when you use content that develops a coherent story with your brand values.

Limit the cost per contact

Brand Content is designed to be interesting by itself, unlike advertising which parasitizes content sought by spectators. Thanks to this special nature, you no longer have to pay a media to capture a portion of its audience; your video is a centre of attraction that brought the audience to him.

In practice, the public still needs to be informed of the existence of your program. This information has a cost, although much lower than purchase of classic space (read the page the effectiveness of Brand Content thereon).

Viral marketing

If your content meets the expectations of your community of customers, you can dramatically decrease the cost of contact with virality. Indeed, the hearing of Brand Content is not purchased, but obtained through recommendations. Each spectator seduced that can turn into your brand Ambassador, circulating your message in its network of knowledge, real or online.

Create a high-quality relationship

Your online video program combines the positive effects on memory, and the image of the brand, which are without common measure with the effects of a traditional advertising campaign.

Brand Content allows a longer exposure to your brand message

This is explained by exposure to Brand Content programs longer than during an advertising message. The consultation of a site, the use of a game or play a video will often last several minutes, when the purchase of space offers a contact with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

Ideal demonstration of Permission marketing, the hearing of your program is a voluntary approach of visualization. This volunteering ensures your message attention than that given to sustained commercial messages.

Unlike in the context of advertising, the audience of a program's Brand Content is not passive. Most often, there is an interaction that is more or less developed (visit in-depth a site, game, reading and video replay, using the functions of recommendation,…).

Brand Content programs often rely on humor, innovation, surprise or self-deprecating. While these editorial choices sometimes have specific risks if they are used indiscriminately, they have the advantage of generating sympathy for the brand capital.

These Brand Content-specific qualities are important factors to take into account when assessing results and the effectiveness of your communication. Thus, to reduce the effects of your programs with the equivalent of buying TV space or space display Internet hearing you would lead to distort your return on investment calculations, omitting value absent assets of traditional methods of communication.

Lower the (financial) barrier of entry

The amount of the budget allocated to a program's Brand Content is much less correlated with the hearing expected for an advertising investment. Indeed, it is above all the creative idea and quality of production which makes the success of hearing your program.

"Will it blend?" series for the company Blendtec

"Will I succeed to mix this iPhone?" The response in the very small budget "Will it blend?" series (100 episodes and 150 million of viewings!).

Obviously, the amount of the budget plays a crucial role in the creative choices and quality of execution. However, it is possible to get a very important audience with reasonable budgets and even sometimes very reduced. Among other things, the success of the "Will it blend?" series is an exemplary illustration. Made for a pittance, this series became known with the episode where the tester of the mixer is the question: "Will I succeed to mix this iPhone with my Blendtec?". The answer is 'yes', and the result is nearly 10 million of viewings on YouTube for this episode, and 150 million for the whole of the 100 episodes of the series.

That said, it should be noted that a spectacular success is not reproducible for sure, as a share of luck comes into play in how the public responds to your communication.

Is that proof is made that there is no real financial barrier to the use of the Brand Content. The limitation of budgets is a handicap, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle. A team of motivated creation will find even sometimes a source of inventiveness.

Promote the brand to all stakeholders, including internally

Brand Content is by itself worth editorial making it a centre of interest. One of the positive effects resulting therefrom is the employees of the brand that communicates through this. The value of the program is transferred to the mark, and the aura trademark greatly helps the sense of pride of the employees.

A successful program that does talk about him and who exudes sympathy capital, contributes to the strengthening of team spirit. This feeling has given echo programme, and in particular of relatives or acquaintances of employees who will bring it up in conversations.

Video bonus

Below, watch a video where happy the "Will it blend?" series creators tell their stories, and how a few videos posted on YouTube blew their turnover! (video in English without subtitles…)

Interview with the creators of "Will it blend?"
Happy the series creators tell how she did explode their sales!

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