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Displays EDF - light on the invoice

Cube Informer en B2C

This cartoon was commissioned by EDF to solve a very specific problem. It was at the beginning of the year 2001, last year to "live" to the franc, before the final changeover to the euro. A moment where the two currencies could still coexist, which caused serious inconvenience to the level of billing.

Indeed, the dual display was visibly not enough speaking for all customers, who were sending their payment in francs, but taking into account the amount indicated in euro!

A nice reduction on the invoice, but not necessarily appreciated by EDF… The Direction of the EDF's Communication therefore got the idea to set the record straight at the time with their customers, but humorous and phased manner by us ordering this educational cartoon and light tone.

Customer testimonial of EDF, by Émilie Zapalski and Sophie MonteiroYou can watch the customer testimonial of the leaders of the service communication of the time, Émilie Zapalski and Sophie Monteiro, delivering you a complete workup on the information in the form of cartoon directed by 3TOON campaign by clicking on this link.

EDF – Light on the invoice
A candlelight dinner, that's romantic! At least until the time of the addition…

RADIUS "nostalgia"…

A small souvenir for collectors. The changeover to the euro has generated a huge flow of documents to prepare the population to change currency. Below, a copy of information letter addressed by EDF to clients (individuals).

The newsletter for customers of electricity de France and gas de France
For those who remember, the newsletter for customers of electricity de France and gas de France, one of the many documents like the ones we have addressed most of the authorities at the time of the changeover to the euro.

Website of EDF - electricity of FranceWebsite of EDF – electricity of France:

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